Fitting the Horse

cavalo-3d-musculaturamozartoct2014-004WOW saddles have the largest weight bearing surface of any English saddle on the market. Flair panels have been proven to distribute the weight of the rider more evenly than any other type of saddle. (see Flair vs Flock) WOW saddles are available with Flair, wool flocking, or foam. WOW saddle trees are longitudinally rigid, but the front half of the saddle is laterally flexible. There is no other saddle tree like it on the market today. The panels of the WOW saddle distribute weight independent of the tree. In a conventional saddle, the panels of the saddle are just padding on the under side of the tree. If the arms and bars of the tree do not fit your horse perfectly, there will not be even pressure. The panels of the WOW saddle take on a basic convex shape as they are screwed onto the tree, but the exact shape of the panel will be dictated by the shape of your horse and the entire length is weight bearing.

The front angle of the tree arms is probably the most critical fit consideration of any saddle. The angle of the front tree arms is not obvious on most saddles and the balance of the saddle does not indicate anything about whether the angle of the saddle matches the angle of the horse’s back. The angle of this front tree arm is obvious on a WOW saddle and the balance of the WOW saddle can be adjusted independently of this critical angle. The different profiles of the head plates and the thickness of the gussets help balance the saddle front to back after the correct angle has been established.

As a young horse grows and as any horse develops fitness, the correct fit angle will change. If you buy a saddle tree that cannot be adjusted, you must be hoping that your horse will never develop and never progress. I believe hoping that your horse will not change shape is contrary to having his/her best interests in mind.

All WOW Competitor, Edge, and Classique saddles have replaceable head plates. The head plates are available in 11 different angles and most of these angles are available in different profiles. The different profiles help balance the saddle front to back.

The fit of the front tree angle will determine if there is even pressure at the front of the saddle. If this angle is too wide, there will be extreme pressure at the top where the panels begin to contact the back. If the angle is too narrow there will be extreme pressure at the tree points. The First Thought Equine Korrector pad can help either situation, but a correctly fitted saddle is a better solution. Only in a WOW saddle does the panel exert pressure down the shoulder of the horse at the same angle of the head plate. There is no tree point pressing into the horses back, ever.


Every WOW saddle has at least eight options for attaching the girth to the saddle. The girthing attachments can be changed anytime using only a screw driver. Many dressage riders struggle to keep the saddle back, and many jump riders want to keep their saddle farther forward. WOW has the solution for both.

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