Saddle Fitting Services

Servicing the Ontario & Michigan Area


Custom Horse Saddle fit analysis

Do you want to know if your current saddle is causing problems for your horse? Ask 10 different people and you will get 10 different opinions. Our Custom saddle fitting Services starts with a saddle fit analysis, this is more than just an opinion, its based on years of riding experience and science. I will use a Port Lewis impression pad to determine the exact location of any pressure points. You will get a picture of where your new saddle is making pressure points, good contact, and no contact. The results may surprise you as this is the first step in understanding a custom saddle made specifically for you and your horse.

The above photo shows impression pad results from a poorly fitting saddle.  This saddle had extreme pressure at the front tree bars.  A good impression result shows an even medium red color over the entire contact surface.  You can visit my blog for more case studies.

Improve the fit of any saddle using the Korrector pad

The Korrector pad has four air pocket that can be adjusted to redistribute the weight of your saddle. The air “pillows” will remove any pressure points. The results of your saddle fit analysis may indicate that a Korrector pad can improve the fit of your current saddle. I will be happy to let you try a demo Korrector pad and repeat the fit analysis. Korrector pads cost much less than a new saddle and I always keep them in stock.

Gullet Plate Adjustment

Happy Back riding has a saddle press that is capable of bending the gullet plate in adjustable saddles like Schleese, DK and Passier.  The gullet plate can be opened to accommodate muscle growth, or custom shaped for the best possible fit.

WOW Competitor Horse Saddles

The WOW Saddle is the first modular saddle, so a WOW saddle demonstration at your barn will be like no other saddle demo you have experienced. I will build a custom Wow horse saddle on site, piece by piece, that fits your horse exactly. The saddle will be girthed to keep the saddle exactly where you want it. No twisting, sliding forward or sliding back.

If you have a horse that has “hard to fit” back or just want the best comfort for both you and your horse’s back, Have a look at this Testimonial Video!!

My demo kit includes several seat and flap options suitable for dressage, jumping or pleasure. The final fit adjustments will be made with you in the saddle. You will be able to ride in this saddle the same way you would ride in your own during the demonstration. If you do not feel a miraculous improvement in your horse, you are under no obligation to buy the saddle. If you are “wowed”, ordering a customized saddle that fits you even better is quick and easy. WOW Saddles offer hundreds of style, size, length, leather and two-toned color options at no extra cost. Production and shipping usually takes around 10 weeks for custom saddle make and delivery.

Wow Sadles for Sale

Follow-up Custom Saddle Fittings – Ontario & Michigan

The purchase of a new saddle includes a start-up fitting and one free follow-up fitting. The start-up fitting will happen the day I deliver your new saddle. The second can be arranged for 1-8 weeks after. Unlimited follow-up fittings are available at the cost of $25 per hour. Any new saddle is going to change the way your horse uses himself and the shape of the back should change too. Re-adjustments are part of the process. If your new custom horse saddle is a vast improvement, the changes will be bigger and more adjustments will be required. Most adjustments involve moving to a wider angle head plate. I can train you how to take this measurement and do this simple change yourself.

Long distance Horse Saddle Fittings

Long distance Horse Saddle Fittings to purchase a new WOW saddle is possible. I will send you a fitting kit with an Equiform and instructions for taking pictures of your horse. The Equiform is easy to use and will make a mesh cast of your horses back. After your new saddle arrives, I will support you in customizing the fit of your new saddle through pictures and videos, if you need different panels or head plates, they will be exchanged at no cost to you.

WOW Saddle Fitting Specifications

Would you like to shop around for a bargain saddle on your own? I am happy to do fittings for you either in person or long distance and write down the specifications of the saddle I recommend for a small fee. Of course if you are purchasing a saddle from me, there is no extra charge to document the exact specifications of the saddle we are ordering.  I am happy to perform a fit analysis on any used saddle you have on trial.