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Welcome to Happy Back Riding.  I created this site to help you keep your back and your horse’s back happy and healthy.  You will find information on my products and services.  I would love to help you find your next saddle or make adjustments to your current saddle.  The first step may be to perform a truly objective fit analysis of your current saddle.  If we find problems, I have solutions.  I am a saddle fitter servicing South West Ontario and Michigan.  Please see my Prices page for all the brands I carry.

I want to help you find the absolute best saddles for you and your horses Back!  

When selecting the perfect saddle, it all starts with the tree.  The fit of the saddle is largely determined by the fit of the tree and the design of the tree is crucial.  Are you a traditionalist?  You cannot get more traditional than custom saddle trees of reinforced beech wood made by Lovatt and Ricketts.  This is the same type of tree used in the EQ Saddle Science revolutionary flapless saddle.  Are you looking for the latest innovation? Check out the fantastic new bua!  Do you want adjust ability? The saddle tree designed and manufactured by First Thought Equine has features that will amaze you.  Are you on a tight budget but you still want adjust ability?    A saddle with the Genesis adjustable tree may be just what you are looking for.  You may also be surprised to find out that the best tree for your specific horse is no tree at all.  Happy Back Riding can offer the same range of choices when you are deciding what type of flocking will work best for you and your horse.  Traditional wool? Foam? Flair? Reactor Panel? Or the amazing Flair MKII panel?  Every saddle I sell is an outstanding value.  Please contact me to find out how reasonable the cost of a perfect fitting saddle can be.

English WOW Saddle   Horse Saddles Pricing

Wow Saddles Testimonial Video

Okay, so I have been trying out a WOW saddle for just over a week! For those of you who have not heard of them, you should totally look them up as the way they are made and their adjust-ability to suit horse and rider is just incredible!

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