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Welcome to Happy Back Riding.  I created this site to help you keep your back and your horse’s back happy and healthy.  You will find information on my products and services.  I would love to help you find your next saddle or make adjustments to your current saddle.  The first step may be to perform a truly objective fit analysis of your current saddle.  If we find problems, I have solutions.  I am a saddle fitter servicing South West Ontario and Michigan.

I want to help you find the absolute best saddles for you and your horses Back!

To ride effectively, you need to find the correct size English WOW Saddle that is going to fit your body correctly. You want to make sure that your saddle allows your core muscles, legs, and arms to balance safely on your horse’s back while performing, training, or on the trail. A saddle that is too small for your body will push you forward and make you off-balance. This results in pulling your heels behind you and making your center of balance fall forward over the pommel. One that is too large allows your body to lean backward and pushes your feet out in front of your hips. Both are potentially dangerous for any equestrian. Knowing how to find the best saddle for your body type and size can extend your riding life and make it fun and safe.

A perfect saddle fit ensures that you can sit in the correct posture — ears, shoulders, hips, and heels aligned down the horse’s body.  Make sure that your hands and elbows are relaxed and giving on the reins, and your body is balanced and positioned over your horse’s back. This style of English equitation provides the most comfort and safety for you, the rider, and helps create the best partner possible for your horse. To find the perfect saddle that fits you, check out our Horse Saddles Pricing today!


Wow Saddles Testimonial Video

Okay, so I have been trying out a WOW saddle for just over a week! For those of you who have not heard of them, you should totally look them up as the way they are made and their adjust-ability to suit horse and rider is just incredible!

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