Happy Back Riding now has Freeform Saddles


This is the latest addition to my line of saddle brands. This is the Tempo Freeform Dressage Saddle.   Freeform saddles are made in Italy and designed by Paulita Neff of Saddle up.  For many years now, I have turned to treeless saddles in order to fit the super wide equines of the world.  Now Paulita is teaching me how to get treeless to work for a variety of equine shapes.  This saddle has many options to create wither relief,  a true gullet to protect the spine, and stability side to side. I have been looking for the best treeless brand to offer to my clients and Freeform is it!    This saddle is available for demos even if you are curious and just want to try treeless one time.  Thank you Saddle Up!


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