Book Review

How to tell if your horse really thinks his saddle fits by [Southern, Jill]

I highly recommend reading this book!  I’m sure this book has helped many horses and I hope we can reach even more.  I wish people understood that “girthiness”  is not obstinacy, it is the horse trying to tell you the saddle causes pain. Other symptoms of bad saddle fit are:

  • tail swishing
  • carrying the tail to one side
  • heavier on one rein
  • pushing the rib cage to one side
  • hanging the tongue out of the mouth
  • difficulty tracking up
  • biting at the saddle while you approach with it.
  • saddle sliding forward
  • saddle sliding back
  • saddle sliding to the side
  • ignoring the aids, and more

I have observed the same changes in horses that the author describes many times when the saddle is finally comfortable.  The e-version of this book is available for a few dollars on Amazon.


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