Innovative tree design from BUA

The perfect saddle would distribute the weight of the rider evenly over the maximum area possible.  It would flex moment by moment to conform to the changing shape of the horse as the horse moves.  It would not flex in response to the movement and weight of the rider.

A design with all three of these elements may be impossible.  The WOW saddle has longitudinal rigidity and lateral flexion.   I believe the design of the WOW tree is superior to any 100% rigid tree and I believe it is superior to any tree that allows the weight of the rider to deform the longitudinal curve of the saddle as I explained in my last blog.

I am very excited to offer my customers a new option that has the potential to give the horse a tree with  lateral and longitudinal flexion to conform to his/her own movements, but the tree will not distort due to the movement and weight of the rider.   The BUA is a revolutionary design.  The horse feels carbon fiber “panels” that move with him/her, but he/she never feels the weight of the rider directly.  The weight of the rider is “transmitted” to the carbon fiber “panels” through a cantilever design.  Please don’t compare this design with other carbon fiber tree designs.  It will be different!   I will have demo saddles for you to try in about 8 weeks.  Happy Riding!


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