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Just like the name, WOW horse saddles are a thing of beauty and utmost satisfaction. Having been born from extensive research and development by First Thought Equine Ltd, these saddles gained a large reputation in the horse riding community and earned the name WOW.
It has been tested in at least three different continents, outperforming its competitors in both pressure and gait analysis. Manufactured in Kent, England, the product not only benefits the horse’s back health and well-being but also enhances its performance in more ways than you can contemplate.

Wow Saddles Ontario

Forests and great riding regions surround the area where WOW saddles are made accompanied by a variety of horses for testing and improving the product. As a customer, Eva from Happy Back Riding can visit you for a custom saddle fitting and have your product modified before the final purchase.

Wow Saddles Michigan

This way, you are completely safe from wasting your time and money while dealing with any other saddle fitter or buying second-hand saddles. First Thought Equine Ltd and Wow Saddles have earned the trust of hundreds of horse lovers by always getting the saddle right the first time.

Today, everything is computerized and Wow Saddles is no exception, from the design to the final product we digitize your best saddle and then bring it to Life.

This is how WOW saddles can be trusted for accuracy and repeatability, every time we make a new saddle for a rider. Also, you get to choose colors and finishes of the leather which come from individual pieces that make the parts of your saddle.

Buy Wow Saddles

As your horse progress with training, the saddle can be changed with unique features accompanying the beauty. These saddles come in different seat styles, flaps, ranges, etc. not forgetting girths to add to the product’s comfort.

They also have unique features to make it all better. The features include the lateral flexion, 4X flap positions, modular, Y-shaped tree, X15 flair among others. Do you want to know about the Anatomique seat? You can visit for more information.

To make sure the WOW saddles are fully functioning and 100% satisfying, the company has listened to riders and invested enough time to scientifically test different types of saddles to observe how they perform on horses in real-time. Imagine a company that actually listened to its customer base!

English Saddles Horse Riding

For once, one can buy a traditional looking saddle with various components where you can alter its characteristic to match different horses and riding styles.

Well, now you are starting to get a picture in your mind about what it means to own a WOW saddle. The panels, flaps, and the seat are available separately such that, when combined, you and your horse are unbeatable. Whether you are riding on the flat or jumping, WOW saddles are capable of performing at the highest levels due to its unique characteristics and the fact that it’s truly a saddle for the 21st century.

Offical Wow Saddles Seller Agent

We are an Offical Reseller of Wow Saddles

From around the world, these saddles are popular. From Europe-Africa, America, and across the Indian Ocean, Eva at Happy Back Riding is ready to offer you a full package of awesomeness. We make a few visits to your exact location to ensure we get the fitting right for both you and your horses.

On our website, you will find a Horse Riding Blog with information on Wow Saddles Reviews, research updates, public training courses, customer corner, etc. A gallery decorated with their best saddle products and advice that will capture your attention instantly accompanied by a guide in the form of a video to show you how to put the pieces together and more.

Real World Wow Saddle Testimonial:

Two friends of mine have the dressage saddle and both people and horses love it, but they don’t jump so can’t comment on that. The horses are both large WBs with big shoulders and the saddle accommodates that better than any other saddle they tried.

On social media, you can follow them as a company on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Besides, you will find a lot of comments from famous and experienced riders with different opinions. What better way to increase your knowledge than from firsthand experience.

It is not too late for you to fit your mare, gelding, or stallion with the best Wow saddles has to offer. Learn more about WOW saddles online, enquire if necessary, download their brochure, and shop at the comfort of your home.

They have been endorsed by the best riders, and many customer reviews suggest that the saddles require more than a thumbs up. The saddles are of excellent quality accompanied by comfort and fit your mare, gelding or stallion beautifully and perfectly. What are you waiting for? Go for it.

We Currently serve the Ontario and Michigan Areas …

Call Eva Gifford directly at (248) 921-5018 and we will get you and your Horse Fitted for a
Custom Wow Saddle you will LOVE.


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