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Custom Saddle Fitter Ontario

Experts say that a saddle is a huge commitment towards your horse as well as your bank balance. The welfare and willingness of your horse, your riding comfort as well as overall performance can be a concern when looking to purchase a new saddle.

How do you know you have the right one, before investing a lot of time and money in a saddle, that just might not work?

Well, I agree in always doing your homework before making a purchase, just like taking the time to finding the perfect fit for new shoes. Horses or Your own! Lol.

It is not easy to find the right saddle especially since many of us have bought a few saddles, over time only to conclude that it’s worse than what we had expected. We have all felt the experience of buyer’s remorse and wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

However, it’s possible to come across a saddle that fits perfectly if you approach the right Saddle Fitter in Ontario with the expertise and experience to direct you on the right path. Eva Gifford, is one such person with years of experience and know-how in creating a custom Wow Saddle for you and your horse.

I came across WOW Saddles online in the UK who offer a variety of saddles with different styles from dressage flaps, seat styles, billet placement,  accessories, etc. They are a very popular English Riding Saddle and have grown their Brand to accommodate many different riding styles.

Saddle Fitting Ontario

It is paramount that you buy a saddle that fits your horse. Remember, the horse has to handle your weight and balance both of you. If it is too wide, too narrow, then you are bound to lose your balance, inflict pain on the animal or worse injure him or yourself.

It’s not worth it if it is going to cost you more or even keep you away from enjoying the ride. Imagine some of the Chiropractor bills?! That’s not why we took up the sport in the first place.

There are some saddle fitting specialists trained to assess saddle fit, performance issues, and help in recommending the purchase of new saddles if necessary.  Tree adjustments may seem easy but don’t be fooled, Eva learned from the best.

Every saddle channel should be wide enough to avoid damaging the spine.  The panels should not impinge on the horses’ shoulder blade for easier movement not forgetting the soft tissues and spinous processes beneath which can be damaged if the saddle goes beyond the 18th rib.

Wow Saddle Styles and Custom Fittings Ontario

Wow Saddle Styles

Horses are beautiful creatures. With a Classique, Edge, or Competitor Range from WOW Saddles, the animal will sparkle and perform its best for you.

Pay attention to the unique features while purchasing a saddle. An extensive research might be helpful but you may not understand some important points,  it takes an expert to fit a saddle on your animal.

WOW Saddles has some of the best customer reviews I have come across. Ontario’s best Saddles are at your disposal and Eva can pay you and your animal a visit, offer and direct you to the perfect custom saddle for your horse.

Real World Wow Saddles Reviews:

Wow Saddles Review

Once your horse is comfortable, be guaranteed of a great ride from that point on. Improve his movement, strides, blood circulation on his back, and have a happy horse.

Invest in quality as well as the best. WOW Saddles is a great company, that people stand behind the Brand, because they know the name means TRUST.

Wow Saddles Review 2

Don’t be afraid to enquire, call Eva today at (248) 921-5018  If you aren’t pleased, with the demo ride, then feel free to move to the next Saddle Company.

A happy horse means a pleasant ride.

Always 🙂


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