Do Air Panels Change with Temperature?

It is a windy day in March here, and rather than face the trek out to get my horse in the far corner of a large pasture, I decided to answer a frequent question about air panels.  People often ask if the panel needs to be adjusted to compensate for different temperature like winter to summer.  Good question.  In my experience they do not seem to need adjusting as the temperature changes, but can I prove it?  Do you remember PV=nRT?  I spent three semesters in Thermodynamics, so I cannot forget it.  I think this might be the first time I have used my Physical Chemistry education, so it was good for something!


I estimate that one of the back bags on a WOW saddle is ½ liter.  A properly filled bag is filled to  less than 1 PSI.  An extremely over filled bag is filled to less than 2 PSI.  If we estimate that the average bag is filled to a pressure of 1.00 PSI the calculation will be easier.  The number of moles at room temperature  (69 degrees F) is 0.0014  moles.   If you hold the number of moles and the volume constant and raise the temperature to 80 degrees  F,  the pressure will increase to 1.02 PSI.  Only 0.02 of a PSI.   If you drop the temperature to 10 degrees F, the pressure drops to 0.89 psi.   All the bags will decrease equally and this is not a big change.  Your horse will still be comfortable, and your Flair saddle will still give you the best ride of your life.

Are you impressed with my power to solve equations and keep track of units?  I have a confession.  It is super easy with online tools like  Good thing the memories of student days are dim, otherwise I might resent how much I use to struggle.

The point is: you can enjoy your Flair saddle panels winter and summer with no worries.


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