Custom Saddle Fitting – Wow Saddles



Custom Saddle Fitting


WOW, saddles are a combination of research, technology and time. They listened to riders and got the challenges they go through while riding and they correctly addressed these problems by making the WOW saddles. Schedule your horse for a custom saddle fitting today, and you will get to see the WOW saddles that amaze every rider.


When galloping, there is intense pressure exerted on the horse from the weight of the rider and the force when the horse lands from a jump is even more. With Flair technology, the WOW saddles can cancel out the pressure. The flair air flocking mechanism gives extra comfort to the horse. It consists of panels on the saddles being filled with air. The panels are tested and proven by pressure testing, and they are the best you can do for your horse. The panels have four airbags that provide a flexible, soft and even bearing surface without any pressure points as compared to traditional saddles that had pressure points.


Schedule a Custom Saddle Fitting Today

If you schedule your horse for a custom saddle fitting and decide to buy the WOW saddles, you will have the best experience with your horse. You will note the difference immediately when you ride with the new WOW saddles. This is not like any other brand of saddles. The horse is more comfortable making its movements easier, faster and more graceful. The WOW saddles are for the horse you want to make a champion. The first thing you note with your stallion is there are no more panic attacks anytime you put the saddle on the horse and when you are about to mount. Traditional saddles have pressure points, and any time the horse is about to be mounted, it anticipates the pain making it anxious. This is not the case with Wow saddles because they are fitted and padded with the flair air flocking technology leaving the saddle with no pressure point.


Schedule your horse for a custom saddle fitting at WOW today, and you will be shocked. After this, you will not believe how much a saddle can improve the movements of a horse. With the WOW saddles, different riders can use them on different horses since they are adjustable and they come in various flap angles. With the WOW saddles, you feel like you are trying to contain the horse instead of pushing it to do more. The comfort is spread out to the rider and the horse as well, and these are the makings of a champion. If you treasure your horses, schedule them a WOW custom saddle fitting and give them the best you can in comfort and they will repay you with excellent performance. Contact us today for your Custom Saddle Fitting with the best Wow Saddles has to Offer you and your horse riding experience.


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