Saddle Fitting And Sales Michigan

Horse Equipment for First Time Riders


If you own a horse or maybe you have just started thinking of owning one, there is a lot of information that you need to know before getting a Saddle Fitting in Michigan. Horses can be kept for fun, and they are also bred for sports. For the horse to be the champion that you want, you have to make it comfortable while riding, both for you and your horse, whether it is slow dressage or fast cross country. At the track, there are different dynamics that you have to observe while racing to ensure that the horse is in the best condition to win.



What Type of Horse Saddle Should I Ride With?

Did you know that the kind of saddles you use on the horse can determine if it is a champion or not? This is where Wow Saddles come in to save the day and make your horse a winner. The saddles they make have been scientifically tested and proven to be the best. They listened to the needs of riders, and they invested time to test different saddles to see how they perform on a horse.


Saddle Sales Michigan


Traditional saddles were looking good for the horse, cannot be but they were not as comfortable to the rider and the horse too. For the horse to become a champion, you have to make sure that the saddle you use is most comfortable enabling the horse to achieve maximum performance. Riders know best what their horses need and with the information they gave WOW saddles, they were able to produce quality and comfortable saddles after a long time. The technology used to make the saddles can not be found in any other brand.




WOW Saddle Fitting And Sales Michigan

WOW made the world’s first modular saddles. It comes in parts, and when they are combined, they make the best saddle whose performance for the rider and the horse cannot be outmatched. A saddle is made of the seat, flaps, and panels all available separately. You can buy different parts from WOW saddles and combine them to make the saddle of your choice.


The rider can rotate flaps forward or backward changing the position of the flap fixing bolts. The changeable flaps on the saddle mean that you can adjust the saddle accordingly to fit your maximum comfort. The saddle flaps are available in different angles, and you can choose the best one for your position according to the angles. The changeable flap positions mean that the same saddle can be shared by different riders and it doesn’t matter if they have different leg lengths or positions.


Saddle Fittings Michigan


If you are based in Michigan, get your horse the best fitting saddle today and make it the champion you want. Even if your horse has uneven muscle development, WOW saddles have made a saddle with the technology to fit the horse using the air flocking system. The saddle feels like it is molded onto the horse entirely and giving it maximum comfort. The rider can also adjust the flair saddles while sitting on the horse.  Unless your horse changes the shape, the flair air bags won’t need further adjustment.



Wow Saddles Sales Michigan

WOW, saddles are available in the traditional designs, but the technology is different. The modular saddle has flat air flocking system fitted in the interchangeable panels. This technology allows the saddle to mold back to the back muscles of the moving horse and they are padded for extra comfort. The flair is also adjustable giving room for the saddle to be balanced on the moving horse.


WOW, saddles are the best way to own an English Saddle in Michigan because of the incredible fit and flexibility. If you are wondering what will make your horse a better champion in Michigan, visit WOW saddle sand note the difference.

This is the saddle that will make your horse a champion in Michigan. Call Eva today for your horse and get a saddle fitting today in Michigan, and it will never be the same again for both the rider and the horse.


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