Saddle Fitting And Sales Michigan

      WOW Saddle Fitting And Sales Michigan WOW made the world’s first modular saddles. It comes in parts, and when they are combined, they make the best saddle whose performance for the rider and the horse cannot be outmatched. A saddle is made of the seat, flaps, and panels all available separately. You … More Saddle Fitting And Sales Michigan


Buy Wow Horse Saddles

Just like the name, WOW horse saddles are a thing of beauty and utmost satisfaction. Having been born from extensive research and development by First Thought Equine Ltd, these saddles gained a large reputation in the horse riding community and earned the name WOW. It has been tested in at least three different continents, outperforming … More Buy Wow Horse Saddles

Tech Stirrups

Happy Back Riding now carries Tech Stirrups. These stirrups work perfectly with WOW stirrup leathers and WOW saddles.  The PATENTED Tech Stirrups are entirely produced in Italy. They are made of AERONAUTICAL ALUMINIUM billet and fitted with stainless steel blocked screws. They are treated with a 20 micron anodization to preserve the aesthetic quality. Specifications: … More Tech Stirrups

Port Lewis Pad Analysis: Evaluating channel width.

  Proper channel width of your saddle may be the most important fit parameter and if the channel is too narrow, putting on a thicker pad will only make it worse.  The saddle should completely clear all processes of the horse’s vertebra and sit on the longissimus muscle.  If the channel is too narrow the … More Port Lewis Pad Analysis: Evaluating channel width.

Book Review

I highly recommend reading this book!  I’m sure this book has helped many horses and I hope we can reach even more.  I wish people understood that “girthiness”  is not obstinacy, it is the horse trying to tell you the saddle causes pain. Other symptoms of bad saddle fit are: tail swishing carrying the tail … More Book Review

My business plan

(This is a document I prepared to participate in a local version of Dragon’s Den.  It was just for practice.  Grants were only available for entrepreneurs 30 years old and younger.) Identity–  I sell custom fitted saddles to horse owners who want top performance from their horse or who care about superb comfort for their … More My business plan